Student Spotlight: Ryan Giordano


Hilary Rodrigues

Junior Ryan Giordano participated in the U.S. Figure Skating Association’s 2020 Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge on October 9, placing third in the off-ice jump and first in the on-ice category. His placement also meant that he received constructive feedback from celebrity judges. 

“The experience was life changing and unexpected,” he said. “I didn’t know I would place that well.”

Ryan’s figure skating challenge required submitting a video doing a simple jump and a combination jump, both on and off the ice. The on-ice jump is typically easier for skaters and more in their comfort zone. The ice provides not only more support than off-ice, but also constant movement which makes balance control easier.

Ryan first entered the skating scene through hockey when he was three years old, and at age eight he made the switch to figure skating. “What inspired me was that I would be different from other people. Figure skating was something new.”

After many years of hard work, Ryan hopes to become an influential figure skater like his role model, Adam Rippon, and to pursue figure skating in a college like the University of California at Los Angeles, which offers an intensive program. 

As in any other sport, ice skating requires much effort and dedication. Ryan, like all serious athletes, has experienced times throughout his career where things don’t always go as planned. “If there is a time where I didn’t do so well, I just say, ‘Oh I can do better,’” he said. “I [try to] move on from that and not think about it so much.” 

For Ryan, figure skating is not only his passion but something he hopes to pursue as a potential job in the future. “I feel like it’s a part of my life now, and I could never leave it.”