Class events strengthen senior bonds


Molly Baldino

Senior Tripp Hopkins (left) and Skylar Hall add some finishing touches to the parking spots.

Annabelle Cutrer, Lauren Pagliccia

With deadlines approaching and seniors’ stress levels rising, Student Council members and teaching assistants in the Restorative Justice Office (RJO) are working together to calm nerves and unite their class. By hosting activities in and outside school, Student Council members plan on creating memories that the senior class can take with them after their time at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) is up. The numerous events being held are bringing the class closer together than ever, and building excitement for months to come. 

The events that have and continue to make up this unification effort started at 5 am on the first day of school, when roughly 40 out of 163 MVRHS seniors participated in a “Senior Sunrise” at Inkwell Beach. The excitement continued into the next month, when the seniors gathered and painted their very own parking spots. 

Senior Class president Alex Rego commented on the inspiration behind the initiative, saying, “We saw [that] last year the seniors did a great job of making their year very special and intimate, and we wanted to kind of replicate the same thing.” 

Just as the previous class did for them, the current seniors hope to spread the feeling of community throughout the school, and excite juniors for next year. 

Class representative and student body secretary Imani Hall said, “I just feel really excited, since the closeness of last year’s senior class when they graduated is where we’re at right now.” 

This past month, in true Halloween spirit, over 40 seniors participated in what was called a “Booing Battle.” After receiving their assigned classmate, students first arrange a bag of their target’s favorite candy and in a ding-dong-ditch fashion, leave the bags on the doorstep, knock and run. 

By the end of the battle, seniors Chesca Potter and Jeremy Regan ranked first and second. After joining forces, they ended with a strong 27 boos. The Booing Battle trophy will be engraved with Chesca’s name, but the sight of her name at the top of the leaderboard was enough for her. 

Chesca, excited by her first-place win, commented on her reasoning behind spending numerous hours late at night in the cold to get one more person: “Dude, I just love winning. Like, that’s my honest answer, is that I absolutely love winning. But truly it’s been fun.” 

Senior Jeremy Regan, who ranked second in the competition, comments on why he joined the battle in the first place: “Well, I’m a competitive guy, you know? And competitions and activities have just made senior year a lot of fun!”

With hopes to keep up the seniors’ enthusiasm, the Student Council has been hard at work trying to plan events that are better than the last. 

Student Council vice president Jack Holmes says that they “hope to get the senior class all together in one place to enjoy Thanksgiving, share food, share memories, and have a fun time.” 

Alex Rego gave a preview into the planning of their largest event yet. “It’s going to be an undertaking, but we’re excited to do a big senior trip,” she said. Whether it’s going to be a sports game or a trip to Six Flags, anticipation is already building. 

Jack Holmes says that the underlying inspiration behind all of the senior excitement is, “We’ve been working hard the past couple of years in high school, trying to get the grades we need and do all of the work that we have to, and I think this last year we should spend time hanging out, having some fun, and making new friends.”