2018-2019 Staff

Henry Hitchings


Henry Hitchings is a senior, a three-year member of The High School View, and has been an Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. One of his highlights with HSV has been going to the NESPA Conference in Boston. When he is not...

Mackenzie Condon


Mackenzie Condon is a second year Editor-in-Chief of the High School View. The 2018 NESPA conference trip to Boston is her highlight from her four years on staff. Mackenzie enjoys getting to interact with the school community...

Alexis Condon


Alexis Condon was named an Editor-in-Chief this year after being a diligent writer and leader since her freshman year.  She most enjoys working with new writers and learning about what's going on around her as she covers topics...

Addy Hayman

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Addy Hayman is an Assistant Editor-in-Chief and has been on staff for all four years. The annual staff tradition of a Thanksgiving meal on the Monday meeting before the holiday, previously known as "Sharksgiving" and now known...

Emily Gazzaniga

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Emily Gazzaniga is a junior and an Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The High School View. She has been on the staff for two years and was previously the Photography Editor of the HSV. Emily is the junior class president, in the National...

Emma Searle

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Emma Searle has worked on the High School View since her junior year and currently serves as Assistant Editor-in-Chief. Emma enjoys getting the chance to talk to members of the school and Island community through her work at the...

Colin Henke

Photography Editor

Colin Henke is a Senior and has been on the staff since halfway through his junior year, becoming the photo editor his senior year. Some of the highlights of his time on staff have been passing on his knowledge of photography t...

Astoria Hall

Art Editor

Astoria Elizabeth Anderson Hall formally joined the High School View as art editor in 2017, following a brief stint with the prestigious organization in her freshman year. She enjoyed attending the NESPA conference alongside her...

Spencer Pogue

Assistant Editor

Hannah Rabasca

Social Media Editor

Molly Pogue

Social Media Editor

Jo Orr

Contributing Writer

Jo Orr is a senior who joined the High School View this year. Their biggest achievement for the newspaper is starting the LGBTQ Voices column, inspired by their desire fight for representation in the media. When they're not writing,...

Theo Fairchild-Coppoletti

Staff Reporter

Theo Fairchild-Coppoletti is a freshman and staff reporter at the High School View. He enjoys the thoughtful community of the paper and the freedom of being able to write in the paper. Theo is also in the clubs Students for Social...

Sara Creato

Staff Reporter

Sara Creato is a freshman staff reporter on the High School View. The staff Thanksgiving dinner was a highlight for her and she likes to write about different issues. When not in school, you can find Sara listening to music, exercising,...

Owen Bresnick

Sports Editor

Owen Bresnick has been on staff for all four years of high school and has taken on the new position of Sports Editor this year. He most enjoys discussing interesting topics and brainstorming story ideas with the rest of the staff....